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The Wonders of Using Webflow

Check out why Webflow is becoming the go-to platform for creative websites.

We use Webflow to create websites because we believe it has exciting benefits for our clients over other platforms.

There are many website creation tools out there so why have we chosen Webflow to exclusively create our client websites? The quick answer is usability for designers, allowing for a solo designer, with the right experience, to take a project through from concept to launch. Webflow allows designers to create a bespoke website without writing a line of code and getting developers involved. The benefit for clients is a much more efficient workflow and one point of contact through the project. The result is a creative website that’s tailored to the business, for less cost.

Why not Wordpress?

We’ve used Wordpress and it’s a great free platform. As designers the frustration comes when trying to customise, resulting in the need to utilise page-builder add-ons and plugins. Webflow is an integrated solution with all the tools needed ready to go and built in to the platform.

What about Squarespace or Wix?

More great options that definitely have their uses. We like to have complete control over our website designs, without starting from templates. Webflow allows for a complete bespoke build and customisation of every element, to create websites to clients exact requirements.

Efficiency as well as creativity with Webflow

Webflow enables us to strike the perfect balance of cost and creativity. We utilise common components across all our websites and completely customise them to be unique and on-brand for each project. This means we’re not starting from scratch and using tried and tested prebuilt components to keep the project budget down.

Creativity at our core

We’re always looking to add value with unique and well executed design elements and functionality. This could be through animations like scroll effects or less conventional layouts for hero sections and key messaging. Webflow allows us to implement these design features in much less time, so we’re able to offer more unique features that will fit into project budgets.

Responsiveness and SEO optimisation is a must have

Webflow has successfully demystified website optimisation with built-in auditing tools that ensure pages are perfectly optimised before they’re published. There’s everything needed to ensure websites built with Webflow score very highly in page speed and optimisation tests. The interface utilises breakpoints too, to ensure the website will look great, no matter the screen size, from the smallest smart phone up to a 27inch 5K desktop screen.

Never worry about hosting again

Setting up hosting is another thing Webflow has made a lot easier. An integrated solution set up with a few clicks, websites a super-fast and secure utilising Amazon’s web services (AWS). We believe hosting is something clients should never have to think about and be assured that their website is hosted with the best possible service.

User friendly content management and e-commerce

Managing dynamic content and customising how it’s displayed is straightforward in Webflow. Collections are created for easy editing and adding content using the Webflow Editor. E-commerce is completely customisable, meaning a much more on-brand experience for customers.

Built to grow with your business

Whether it’s adding new pages, team member profiles, blog posts ore-commerce, Webflow’s platform is designed to easily grow and add functionality when needed.

Future proof your company’s website

We love building Webflow sites for our clients and judging by the rise in popularity of Webflow, it’s evident a lot of digital agencies are also realising it’s a great solution for the future of website creation. We build websites with future content and additions in mind and Webflow allows for a site to easily be added to and editing by either the website owner or their website design partner. It truly is a web design platform for the future.

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