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Brand Design Services

AndDan offers an efficient brand design service to give businesses a quality and consistent identity, across all media and applications.

Brand design examplesBrand design examples
Brand design examplesBrand design examples


Specialists in creating clean, and contemporary logos tailored to your brand, that work at any scale and across all formats and media.

  • Crafted logos to reflect your brand
  • Full logo packs, in various formats
  • Versatile designs for all applications  


Brand guidelines that serve as the blueprint for your brand's identity and design consistency, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.

  • Supporting typography
  • Colour palettes
  • Image styles


Full suite of visual elements, including templates, colour palettes, typography, and imagery, to ensure a consistent and cohesive brand identity.

  • Brand imagery
  • Digital templates
  • Branded Sales and marketing docs
Dan Palmer

Passionate About Quality Brand Design

Dan is passionate about the value quality brand design can bring to businesses. With a background in advertising and design, he has combined his skillset and founded AndDan, to offer a quality brand design service to small and medium companies for the most value.

Originally having run a design company in New Zealand for over 10 years, and now living in the Cotswolds, Dan enjoys working with local businesses and always up for a coffee or a chat, to discuss how he might be able to help improve the way customers experience businesses and how effective design translates into more sales.

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We're based in the Cotswolds and work with clients across the UK.

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We’d love to hear about your business and how we could help with your brand design requirements

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